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YardStore S53-S Garden Shed 1.76m x 1.07m x 2.03m


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YardStore S53-S Garden Shed 1.76m x 1.07m x 2.03m

All Garden Sheds are Manufactured to Order


A little extra space can make a big difference – and that’s just what this skillion-roof garden shed delivers. Over a metre in depth – so there’s heaps of room for shelves. It’s amazing what you can fit in here. Compact dimensions, generous storage space, nice big door – what more could you want!

Width & Depth 176cm x 107cm
Height Front/Back 180cm / 203cm
Door Width: 98cm

FREE Masonry Anchors – for added security and safety masonry anchors are provided to secure your Spanbilt Garden Shed to your slab or foundations.



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Spanbilt is proud to present the YardStore S53-S Garden Shed, the ultimate little steel structure for use as a compact storage shed, garden shed or woodbox.

The slimline design is a great feature enabling this garden storage shed to fit where available real estate is at a minimum. The slender design makes The YardStore S53-S Garden Shed is the ideal pick for smaller residential areas, such as townhouses, apartments and units. Moreover, The YardStore S53-S Garden Shed fits perfect in between the fence and the side of the house.

If you are looking for a superior quality backyard storage solution then this garden shed will be sure to impress. Made using quality Australian standard steel and components, and backed by a 15-year warranty. Available in Zinc, Rivergum, Smooth Cream and Slate Grey.

The YardStore S53-S Garden Shed is very popular garden shed for Australian consumers.

YardStore S53-S Garden Shed comes with a step-by-step manual for easy installation.

NOTE: All Colour products come with Zinc Channels / Trims.


Zinc, Rivergum, Smooth Cream, Slate Grey, Monolith

Width & Depth

176cm x 107cm

Height Front/Back

180cm / 203cm

Door Width:


Wind Rating:

Region A, Region B & Region C (up to C2 with cyclonic kit upgrade)


15 Years



Assembly Videos

Step 1 – Preparation

Step 2 – Rear Wall Assembly

Step 3 – Front Wall Assembly

Step 4 – Side Walls Assembly

Step 5 – Joining the Walls (internal bracket version)

Step 5 Joining the Walls (New external Corner Bracket version)

Step 6 – Attaching the Roof (Flat and sloping roof models)

Step 7 – Door Assembly

Step 8 – Finishing

Shipping Dimensions

#Boxes Weight Length Width Height
1 43kg 218cm 37cm 14cm


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