At the core of our business is a key focus to make your experience with us one you will remember for all the right reasons … “a great experience every time for every customer”. This focus drives us to continually review our performance and constantly improve, the truth is we don’t always get it right and where things don’t go perfectly to plan we will endeavour not only to put things right but to to learn, and continually improve.


Our explicit purpose and goal is to deliver unparalleled value for money. We achieve this through a ongoing customer based design, learning and insight program.

Design is at the heart of our business focusing on the ever changing needs and wants of our customers understanding how their lives and lifestyles change and evolve and bringing that forward in the products we deliver to your place


We are proud to be part of an Australasian based business that manufactures in both Australia and New Zealand, the benefits of which not only support our local communities but give us key insights and understanding the unique challenges and opportunities that relate to our industry in the various regions of both countries. Our manufacturing, customer service, design and administration associates all share the same belief and commitment where Quality is our work and value for money our objective



Spanbilt has been manufacturing outdoor storage for longer than 40 years, in the begining we were known as spic and span which was one of the original manufacturers of the now iconic backyard accessory – the humble garden shed.

Right from the outset the business has been built on leading market innovation through key insights from it’s end user customers. We clearly define who we are and what we do best and have remained focused on our core competencies – building and designing storage solutions and steel buildings leveraging the technology and resources available to us through our other family business relationships to give us our competitive advantage.


Garden Sheds 80%
Premium Sheds 60%
Garages 50%
Carports 50%


For us the concept of family is more than just embedded in our culture, in the way we view our associates and the relationships we form with our stakeholders, we are a privately owned family business built from modest beginnings and grown on a real passion and enthusiasm for what we do.

Spanbilt is one member of a this bigger family of companies each carving out a niche in the building and construction industry in both New Zealand and Australia. So when it comes to depth of knowledge and capability in bringing insights into realities being part of one of Australasia’s largest steel building manufacturers gives us unparalleled access to engineering, design and manufacturing capability to deliver our full range from garden sheds through to large garages and rural sheds developed specifically for the capable weekend warrior, handyman builder or the those of you that want to project manage their build.

Our group is focused heavily on Design, Manufacture and Build, and ultimately on delivery of a great experience every time for every customer.


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