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Christmas Garden Sheds | Spanbilt Direct

5 Reasons you Absolutely Need a Garden Shed at Christmas

Lets face it, a garden shed is an asset that Aussies can use all year round, but especially at Christmas. Here are our top 5 reasons why you need a Garden Shed at Christmas.

  1. Hide Christmas Presents

Kids are inquisitive. Kids know that there will soon be presents under the Christmas tree. If you want to make sure these little humans don’t find what you plan to give, then buy a Spanbilt Garden Shed, hide your presents and lock the door. Simple!

  1. To Store Last Year’s Presents

If you have kids, you’ll understand that while Christmas time is festive and fun, it also brings with it quite a few frustrations. New toys plus old toys, equal too many toys. If you own a garden shed, then you can safely hide old toys in the garden shed … and maybe even give them as new toys next year. (Works with the puppies anyway).

  1. Hide the Expensive Cutlery from the Sketch In-Laws

Be honest, you’ve got that one in-law or family member that you just don’t trust! Buy a secure garden shed and put your expensive belongings inside. Serve up Christmas dinner using the plastic knives and forks. Stress gone. Cutlery safe. You’re welcome!

  1. Fake a Clean Backyard

If you can’t keep it clean, then fake it – and hide all your mess in the garden shed. Same as the wardrobe strategy, except you can put all your unused clutter in the Garden Shed.

  1. Pool Chemicals

Pool and garden chemicals can be quite dangerous to little feet and paws. Keep them stored securely and out of view from the little people and pups in your Yardstore Shed.

Garden sheds aren’t just for gardening geeks and freaks (I can say, because I am one!), they are also for the Australian population who need backyard storage for more sinister and function reasons. Be practical and super strategic this year and do yourself a favour – but a Spanbilt Direct Garden Shed.

Merry Christmas Peeps.


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