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Insane Uses for a Garden Shed

5 Insane Ways Customers have Used their Garden Sheds

Garden sheds are not just for tools and gardening equipment; they have so many insanely cool and innovative ways they can be used. Below are just 5 of the best ways we’ve heard our customers use their Spanbilt Garden Shed.

  1. Fashion Comeback Tomb

Who said you had to get rid of those super trendy flares and shoulder pads? Lets face it, it’s a matter of WHEN and not if, these super stylish fashion trends will make a return. Garden Sheds aren’t just for storing garden tools, but can also be used as a second wardrobe. Obviously you would need to ensure you have the right insulation and store your clothing secure storage (boxes, vacuum bags etc), to ensure your quality fashion choices remain in tact.

  1. Bachelor Bay

Argh the bachelor days! From footy memorabilia to the unsightly one seater that is the essence of comfort, right through to the near naked pictures of Megan Fox and Jessica Alba. The stuff we loved and are unwilling to get rid of, but are forbidden to keep inside the marital home. Relive the days of free, and store it all in your very own garden shed!

  1. Secure Hideaway

There’s one in every pack! Maybe it’s the hubby’s brother, Uncle Benny or the country cousins … the sinister sibling who just can’t keep their hands off your expensive cutlery, booze or China. Keep your valuables under lock and key and invest in a quality steel garden shed and ensure your expensive items are kept well away from prying eyes with very, very bad intentions!

  1. Record Collector

Like your vinyl but space is becoming a problem? Invest in your very own garden shed, or as we’ve renamed it Record Collector. Keep them securely located well away from little or thieving hands and strategically organise your vinyl in a way that is to find.

  1. Santa’s Workshop

Hiding the kids Christmas presents can be somewhat difficult, especially when you’ve got kids like mine where nothing and nowhere is sacred. A carefully selected, lockable garden shed will allow you to create a year round Santa Workshop where you can hide Christmas, birthday and even anniversary gifts.

Tools to Build your Garden Shed

Tools Required to Build your Garden Shed

Our range of garden sheds are relatively easy to assemble, however you do need the right tools to get the job done, and done properly. We also suggest that before you get started on assembling your new garden shed, that you lay all of your tools out in front of you. Watch Big Kev’s Tips

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Spanbilt's Best Sheds | Buy Garden Sheds and Garages Online

Spanbilt’s Best Sheds

Spanbilt Direct’s Best Sheds Want to know what are our best sheds here at Spanbilt Direct? Well, we are responsible for designing many of the best in Australia … and we’ve combined customer data with the value propositition. Here are our top 5 Best Sheds: Yardstore F83 Seriously popular with our online customers, the Yardstore

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Garden Sheds for Lawn Mowers

Small Lawn Mower Shed

Almost every Aussie home needs a lawn mower; after all, they are the key to keeping your backyard from turning into a jungle! The downside is that these grass-clipping machines are rather big, bulky and subject to being damaged by the natural elements. Solution: invest in a small lawn mower shed to keep this expensive

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